The Old Berks Hunt Tumblers Club is an elite society with membership restricted to those who hit the ground unintentionally!  At the end of the season, there will be an amusing Tumblers Club party.


The Old Berks Hunt Tumblers Club will split the proceeds raised over the season equally between The Old Berks Hunt and The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance. The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance are a charity and they only exist through the generosity of the communities they serve, of which The Old Berks Hunt is one. They rely entirely on fundraising and donations and each mission costs approximately £2,500.



£10 rider fall

£5 horse and rider fall

£3 junior fall (under 16)

£30 season membership


If you have had a fall autumn hunting you are not exempt from paying up and I am aware of some names but please do let me know others…

We hope we never need to use the air ambulance but it is amazing to know we can.


Happy hunting


Philly xxx


I Fell Off (Junior)

I Fell Off

The Horse & I Fell

Honoray Membership

Members 2018/2019
Vincent Seddon
Ashlee Price
Philippa New
Rory Buchanan
Aoife McAuliffe
Claudia Townrow
Vanessa Kilgour

Honorary Members 2018/2019
Guy Prest
Hannah Fletcher
Patrick Leigh-Pemberton