The Old Berks Hunt Tumblers Club is an elite society with membership restricted to those who hit the ground unintentionally! At the end of the season, there will be an amusing Tumblers Club party (tickets to which will only be sold to bone fide members of this elite society!!).   The Old Berks Hunt Tumblers Club will split the proceeds raised over the season equally between The Old Berks Hunt and The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance. The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance are a charity and they only exist through the generosity of the communities they serve, of which The Old Berks Hunt is one. They rely entirely on fundraising and donations and each mission costs approximately £2,500.

THE “RULES” ARE VERY SIMPLE…. If you fall off your horse, the Tumbler Club tariff is £10 per fall, throughout the Season. If you and your horse fall, The Tumblers Club tariff is £5.00 per fall throughout the season. For all those aged 16 years and under the Tumbler Club Tariff is £3.00 per fall, throughout the Season. If you have to go to hospital due to your fall, there is no tariff to The Tumblers Club. An upfront, Honorary Donation to The Tumblers Club of £30 will cover you for the season, however many falls you have!!! As an Honorary Member of this elite society you will be eligible for the Tumbler’s Party at the end of the season. All payments can be made through this website and we respectfully request that all payments are made within 5 days of the fall. Felicity Hook has kindly volunteered to run our Tumblers Club. She will be assisted by various “spotters” who include Richard Holt. The Tumblers Club is a great way to raise money for the Hunt but also, most importantly, for our local Air Ambulance service.  Unfortunately, The Thames Valley and Chiltern Air Ambulance sometimes have to scramble a helicopter to help a seriously injured member of our Field.  They charge nothing for this life-saving service.


I Fell Off (Junior)

I Fell Off

The Horse & I Fell

Honoray Membership

Members 2016/2017
Marcos Pejkovic
Rory Buchanan
Emma Prest

Honorary Members 2016/2017
Jess Leigh-Pemberton