OBH Backgammon Evening

Wednesday 9 March 2022 | Free

Please don’t ignore this chance of an enjoyable and, for some, highly profitable evening.  So far the prize pool stands at an amount that will allow us to pay the ultimate winner £100, whilst second place will walk away with £50, and with £25 for third place.  The winner of the subsidiary competition (first round losers) will also regain their £20 fee.  However, with more entries these numbers will change, and they can only increase.


The first games will start at around 1830, and food will be served from 1930 (drink will be served throughout the evening, please consume responsibly), and the tournament will take place at Baccarat Little Coxwell.  There will be signs to parking from the middle of the village.


Entries to pat-pat@leigh-pemberton .  It would facilitate a quicker turnaround of the prize pot if the £20 fee (which is a £10 entry fee, and £10 food and drink ticket) could be paid in cash on the evening.