The Old Berks Hounds

The Old Berkshire Foxhounds as with any other pack are a valuable treasure and one which is irreplaceable. Careful planning regarding breeding has resulted in a workmanlike pack, which have had their fair share of success on the flags over the years.
Our hounds have a very long history, the Rev.John Loder, Rector of Hinton Waldrist and Lord of the Manors of Hinton and Longworth, kenneled his hounds at Hinton Waldrist.
The Rev. Robert Symonds took over the reins in 1800, one of seven sons, he married  Rev. Loder’s daughter,he brought with him his brother Edward, who had hunted their hounds in Herefordshire and on the Cotswolds. The two packs were hunted together, the Berkshire sportsmen calling the Herefordshire hounds ‘Welsh hounds’, being smaller and slower than the original pack,

Hound Sponsorship

The importance of hound sponsorship
Hound sponsorship fulfils two purposes. Firstly it is a great way for anyone to become involved in the hunt by sponsoring a hound and secondly the money is put towards hound welfare. For an annual cost of £10 you get a really good photograph mounted on a card of your hound with its breeding on it. This gives you the opportunity of following a hound or hounds out hunting which hopefully you can recognise! Photographs kindly donated by Olivia Pile

If you would like to renew an existing hound sponsorship, or take out a new one, please email [email protected]. Hound sponsorship remains just ¬£10 for the year - no inflation here!
Photographs of all hounds who will be active in 2023-24 can be found at Olivia Pile Painting and Photography | Hound Sponsorship Photos. You can pay using BACS (email us for instructions on how to do this).

Sue Taylor
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